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Humpty Dumpty (A Poem)

I wrote this Poem about the time i graduated High School. Crazily enough that is about 5 years ago now. I was going back through and reading a bunch of my works and this was definitely one of the ones that stood out for me. By all means, read this. Comment on how it makes you feel or on whether or not you like it. Any and all support helps and i appreciate you even taking the time to look over it. Thanks!  -Alex


Dear Humpty….

I heard you are broken down, beaten, mistreated,

Blown off course and your will is depleated,

Trying all the methods to put yourself together,

Trying to Get Dry but you’re caught in bad weather.

All that you love,  seems to be Destroyed,

And now you search for that one thing to fill the Void.

All the things of the world start to seem really tight,

You take comfort in them, believe they take you to new heights.

But in reality, you’re just sitting on a wall,

And sooner than later, you’re gonna have a fall.

A Fall from which you might not recover,

But i think it’s high time that you discover..

That unknowingly, you’ve become bound,

You might not know, because it happened without a sound.

Maybe that’s why you always feel so low,

Keep on shrinking, when you’re trying to grow.

These things you seek are holding you down,

Every day getting heavier pound for pound.

But don’t worry humpty, i know a specialist,

solves all your problems and cleans up your mess,

He’s strong enough to break every chain,

The medical genius can even take away your pain

,I may not be a doctor, but i know the prescription,

A solution to your problems, without adding more addictions,

It’s God he’s the one, he’ll deliver you straight,

It may not be on your time, but for him he’s never late.

He gives you a joy that you can’t deny,

A better cure than money could ever buy,

All the Kings Horses couldn’t put you together again,

But my god is more powerful than any other man,

He’ll pick your pieces up and mold them into something new,

So trade your bar stool in for a church pew

It’s an easy solution, in which we are blessed

Just give yourself to him, he’ll take care of the rest.

The choice is yours, i suggest that you make it today,

i just have one last thing that i’d like to say.

He’s always there to catch you when you fall,

Even if you’re the one who climbed up on the wall.