This I Declare!

I want to be molded, like putty in your hands.
Pulled apart and re-created..strand by strand.
No longer will I run on this hamster wheel, so comfy.
But take the path less taken that you have laid down for me.
It’s gonna be hard, that much is clear…
But I know that I can make it, for you are always near.
It’s hard to remember sometimes though…I’m always thinking of myself.
And to make sure I’m taken care of, I put important things up on the shelf.
But I declare to no longer pull down others, but hold them up instead…
For living to gain off others pain, inside I am already dead.
To realize my wrong doings at times, and accept that rather than argue.
It’s not worth causing up so much anger, despite having a different view.
I declare to hold my tongue behind closed doors, a venomous weapon it can be.
To instead offer only positive things, in which in myself I can also be free…
To be the man that people can run to, and expect help in their time of need..
Instead of watching them from a safe distance and merely stand there as they bleed.
To have a more loving heart, and not be so quick to anger…
To see people’s situations in a different light, instead of just as a blur…
I want to stop relying so much, in taking refuge in the world…
But instead realize that the answers come, by spending time in the word…
It’s clear I’m broken..a mere pot full of cracks,
That I’ve got problems myself, they keep coming by the stacks..
But if you’ll have me, I wanna come to you…broken legs and all,
With your hand leading the way, no mountain is too tall…
I’ll give it all to you, knowing you’ll repair every tear…
I’m going to walk closer to you…this I declare..


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