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The Word “Nerd”

I was pondering about life and the new Batman vs Superman movie, and overall just talking to myself aloud about all of the hidden easter eggs in the movie. Not only that, but i also tackled the main idea of “How would the world really react if an all powerful being like Superman came to earth.” And boy, did that conversation (With myself mind you) get heated really quick. I find some of the deepest discussions happen within our own head, and this conversation is in talks with the best of them. At the end of the day, i found myself amazed at how ridiculously ┬ádetailed this conversation had gotten, especially with the lack of others around. I did what anyone seems to do in a conversation like this. “Gosh, i’m such a nerd.”

Upon saying that, my entire world came to a screeching halt! This simple sentence spiked my entire thought topic for the next two hours. You may ask, “Alex! What thought topic would that be?” And it’s simple. The thought topic for this particular piece is exactly as the title would state it. The Word “Nerd”

The first thing i began to nit-pick about this word is how the whole outlook on this word has seem to have changed. Take it back about 20 years ago, and calling someone a nerd was almost like a social death sentence on them. We see so many movies that depict the true “Losers” of the film as Nerds. Heck, in one movie (Whose name seems to escape me) there is a scene where a brilliant student is giving a presentation and a Jock whom happens to be walking by bursts through the classroom door and yells “NERRRRRDDD!!!” which causes the whole class to laugh at him. You could tell based on what had just happened that the poor fella was embarrassed to be associated with such a word. Heck, it’s practically the old way of “Cussing someone out”. Calling someone a Nerd a few years ago was like claiming someone was a witch back in the old days of Salem!

Now flash forward today, and you literally hear someone call themselves a nerd in really any scenario. Here, let’s review a few shall we? :

  • “Sorry i talk so much about Cars. I guess i’m just a Nerd.”
  • “Like oh em gee. Playing Xbox! I’m such a nerd! #Nerd” (Usually followed up by some hot chick with glasses trying to look like “one of the guys”)
  • “Yeah, i like Marvel….DC…..Even the old Newspaper comic strips. I’m such a nerd.”
  • “I studied all week for this final. I love to study. I guess i’m just a big nerd.”

Those are just a few that i’ve heard recently! And it seems that just based off of these few things that people are mistaking “being a nerd” for just being passionate about their own personal interests, and really there’s nothing wrong with that. The question that bashed it’s way into my brain though is, “Is that the new definition of Nerd though? Is it official?”

Webster’s dictionary (Who seems to be the end all decision maker for definitions) defines Nerd in two particular ways.

  1. a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc.
  2. a person who is very interested in technical subjects, computers, etc.

So what i’m taking from that is that 1, It’s a person who lacks social skills and really doesn’t dress well. And no, i don’t believe this is pointing to the people who wear Batman shirts instead of polo’s and jock clothes or anything like that…but rather, people who dress messy and really not even fit for public. Sorta pointing at the fact that they dress in a way that matches their awkward nature. Two points at anyone who is constantly working with (not just technology) but all of the different features and what not revolving around it, can also be considered a nerd.

The definition that we have made up for Nerd seems to actually be the definition of a different word….”Geek.” Webster defines geek as such.

  1. a person who is socially awkward and unpopular : a usually intelligent person who does not fit in with other people
  2. a person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity

Now the first definition seems to go hand in hand with the word “Nerd”, except it takes it a bit more to an extreme. I’m guessing the reason the geeks are Awkward and Unpopular are because they like different things that others normally wouldn’t like. That their knowledge over certain subjects and passion for certain subjects (Definition #2) is so great that it literally effects their social life. And i think that’s more along the lines of the definition that people try to associate themselves with when they say “Oh my gosh i’m such a nerd”.

Now i’m not sure why i went through all of this. But at the end of the day i am glad that it is acceptable now to be a “Nerd” or even a “Geek”. Both have received negative treatment in the past, and as people find out who they are, it is great to see them as well as thousands of others embrace the things that make them different and even be accepted while doing so. It’s showing that even though some areas of society can still use work, that it is also growing to be more acceptable of other people.

But then again what do i know? I’m just a nerd.