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Alex Lambert’s Power Rangers (2017) Non-Spoiler Review

It’s Morphin Time! At least that’s the case for superhero movies as this particular flick surpassed every expectation i had (and believe me, they were high.) Not to give away anything about the plot, we get some much desired backstory to the delight of Fans and new comers everywhere.

With the new rebooted feel, but keeping true to the classic cheesiness of the 90’s this is a combo unlike any other i’ve seen before. Familiar characters, names, zords and colors bring back a joy (movie wise) in which i haven’t experienced since the warehouse scene in Batman vs Superman (BATMAN RULES!!!).

Now with the name “Power Rangers” you don’t expect a whole lot when it comes to characterization, but in a mind blowing fashion this turns out to be one of the best characterized movies in the past few years. They create and bring to life lovable characters, including the most lovable character in recent memory, The Blue Ranger Billy.

You may be wondering about the action and believe me, it doesn’t disappoint. Hand to hand combat that would make some kung fu movies blush, complete with clashing of Giant mechanical dinos and even some exploding puddies (watch to figure out that word if you don’t know what i’m talking about)

It is a constant change from slow to fast paced, in a way that is completely tolerable and constantly engages you in ways that keep you captivated by this amazing, yet simple, plot. Not only is it a must see for Power Rangers fans, but Super Hero movie enthusiasts everywhere! It is in my top 3 superhero movies of all time. No joke.

I grade this movie an EASY A+, and with my fan boy adrenaline pulsing am tempted to give it an extra “+” But one thing is for certain, as soon as this movie comes out, it will takes its place on my shelf along with all of my other favorite movies. You can be assured that if there is a special edition, that i will be purchasing it.

Rating: A+